The Daily Disruptor’s Guide to Chiropractic Unmarketing:

How to Build Your HealthTribe & Never Have to Market Again

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Chiropractic Unmarketing

Learn this to attract a steady stream of highly qualified new patients the ‘new’ old fashioned way, through community, service, reputation and referrals.



märkədiNG/ noun: marketing :: 1) the action or business of promoting and selling products/services, including market research and advertising.



trīb/noun: tribe :: 2) a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest.

What’s the difference between Chiropractic Marketing & Unmarketing?

Marketing is great. I love marketing.

But marketing is best used to sell products and services such as tires, travel and tacos. If you’re selling a commodity product or service then marketing is definitely the way to go. It’s hard to ignore the fact that new patients who come to you through traditional marketing efforts typically choose you because you are closest and cheapest.

When it comes to professional services, things are different.

When people are in need of a doctor, lawyer, accountant, counselor or other professional service most people reach out to friends, neighbors and trusted colleagues for a referral.

Then they go online to check out the person/practice to learn more. As long as there’s a good digital presence, you’ll most likely go where you were referred. Even if you have a cheaper option, when it’s your life and health, most normal people want the best they can afford. Not the cheapest they can find.

Think About Doing Things Differently

The idea to Unmarket your Practice was born in response to the consistent reactions I’ve received from thousands of chiropractors around the world over the past 10 years, when thinking about doing anything for their practice on the Internet.

Someone Suggests You...

  • Get a website, set up your social networks, and post great content on a consistent basis.
  • Promote your social networks so people find you.

Most Chiropractors Say...

  • How do I know it’s going to work?
  • What’s my expected return on investment (ROI)?

They Think to Themselves...

  • If I do this, is it going to get me more new patients? How many? How soon?
  • If they can’t measure it, they don’t think it’s a good idea to do it.

Chiropractic Unmarketing teaches you to bring ‘your’ fresh ideas to ‘your’ community and position ‘your’ practice as ‘your’ community’s most trusted source for health news and inspiration.


Let me ask you…

What would happen if thousands of people in your community woke up, checked Facebook and smiled from seeing your practice’s daily inspirational message, first thing every morning?

What if throughout the day, thousands of people scrolling on Facebook saw your practice’s posts sharing your unique perspective on health, life and success?

What if thousands of people discovered they actually believe what you believe, ‘elect’ you to be their organic doctor and joined your mission to make your community a healthier, more active, happier place to live?

Chiropractic Unmarketing asks “If I give away my gift of knowledge, what impact might it have?”

Chiropractic marketing asks “If I invest this money and time, what am I going to get in return?”


Chiropractic Unmarketing

Is a series of steps that shows you how to create an online audience of local people who share your unique perspectives on health, life and success.


First, put your best face forward on Facebook.

Welcome them with an emotionally engaging image, a quick explanation of the value of your Page, brand recognition and call to action.

  • Create an emotional connection
  • Create expectation of value
  • Inspire them to opt-in to stay connected
  • Give instruction how to opt-in

Second, post with a purpose, share great stuff everyday!

A recent study showed 90% of young people use their mobile devices to wake themselves up every morning. Most immediately check in on Facebook or other channels to see what’s up. It’s how they start the day.


Systematize, automate and delegate the 3 essential posting styles:

Post a Daily Dose of Inspiration

Rise and Shine with these inspiring morning posts.

Doctor Engagement

You’re a doctor. You’re an experienced health care professional. Your community deserves to learn from you. Doctor means teacher.

Our Favorite Things Video Library

Each month write a list of 4 people you refer to, 4 places you recommend and 4 products you consider one of your favorite things.


Third, share your gifts, generously using PRO-MOTION Design tools.

Engage with your tribe and make it your mission for your community to be a healthier, more active, happier place to live.

  • Promotional Cards
  • Counter Displays
  • Wall Displays
  • In-Office Video Displays

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